Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Became a Crossdresser Wife for my Room mate (in Hindi)

Hello Friends I am Pankaj. Kuch din pehle mera transfer Punjab ho gya tha ab wahin se aakar hi ye story likh raha hu. Hua aisa ki promotion k chakkar me maine apna transfer punjab kara liya lekin rehne ki koi b suvidha company ki nahi thi, mujhe paiso ki boht jarurat thi. Kuch din to hotel me nikale fir company k ek bande k sath room share kar liya. Wo meri sabse badi galti thi shayad. Hum sath office se aate jaate, khana main bana deta tha kyun ki meri to aadat bhi hai or acha bhi lagta h housewife ki tarah kaam krne ki.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Crossdressed for Job Interview & later became a complete Female

My name is Madhu and I have finished my graduation in, from missionary college. I being orphan completed my education by staying in hostel which is run by Christian group. So as per the rules of the church after completing the graduation one has to move out to of the hostel and start looking for job and then help the hostel by contributing the some amount of income. So I moved from my town to the Garden city called Bangalore. Let me explain how I look. I am lean and wheatish in complexion. I am around 5.3 to 5.4 in height and my waist size is about 29 to 30. I do not have any moustache and I have very less hair on my face. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Chachi ne banaya Amit se Ashmita

Hi Mera naam Amit Hai meri umra 17 saal hai. Ye 2 saal purani baat hai.
Mujhe do saal pehle bilkul bhi nahi pata tha ki cross dresser kya hota hai lekin mujhe aaj bhi yaad hai us din meri zindgi me bahot bada mod aaya me wo kahani aaj aapke samne rakh raha hu. Me meri chachi ke saath ahmedabad city me rehta aur padhai karta hu mere parents aur meri do bahen mere villege me rehte hai. mere chacha iss duniya me nahi hai aur meri chachi ki koi aulad nahi hai. wo ek hospital me nurse hai aur unki age tab 29 years thi. meri chachi meri padhai ko leke bahot hi strict thi.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sister made me a Sissy Slut

There I was lying on my back. Cum leaking out of my asspussy (anus), drying out all over my face and body. I’m nothing but wearing torned pink lacey satin panties soaked in cum and sweat and there was a small smile of satisfaction on my face. My name is Tanuj or Tanisha as they now call me. I’m a young boy 5’6 thin but not skinny pretty much hairless (totally now). It all started about a couple of weeks ago.I always had a cross-dressing fetish but I was not sure if I was gay. My cousin Anisha who is a few years older than me (we called her Ani) had come to town she lived in a different city and was here for just a couple of days and I was going to stay with her at her place for a week.

Indian Sissy & White Master

I am a straight guy who loves women yet deep down there was something wrong. For some reason I have always had gay thoughts - except this was very very specific. I realised I found older white men attractive. Actually to be more correct -- their cocks. I found myself getting sexually aroused at the sight of an old white cock. For some reason I couldn't look away.
Slowly but surely I found myself looking less at girls and more at these 'silverdaddies'. Eventually I stumbled across some amature porn vids on the net that nearly made me orgasm.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Wife made Husband a Crossdressing Slut

This is the Longest Story ever posted in this site. So be calm, have patience and read on.
I have a friend whose name is Kartik. He got married almost two years ago. We used to meet quite frequently till his marriage and later we just met a year ago and just I ran into him yesterday. even though Kartik was not a close friend I immediately observed some changes in his attitude which made me think the real cause which I could not guess.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I Crossdressed & had a hot sex with my Brother

Hi all of u i m from mumbai this story is between me and my brother how I expressed him that I m a crossdresser and how I became his wife. My name is Amit and my brother's name is Suraj.
He is an mechanical engineer this story happened 2 years back when i
was in my 12th grade and he was in his final year of engineering. my parents
were at bangalore and me and my brother were alone at our house. I used to crossdress whenever i m left alone at home and i used to do all the household chores like a women by wearing saree and all other stuff which i had purchased.

Crossdressed and Fucked by Bade Papa (Taau ji)

Hey frnds dis is Akash...I live in a boys hostel..I have a girly figure. I used to crossdress in my moms clothes when I was alone at home. I have a very fair body...little heavy from thighs and ass... I had vacations so i planned to visit my uncles home who was my fathers elder brother..he lived with his his wife nd kids had gone to attend sm function for 3 uncle and me was alone... I reached at the station...he came there to pick me up..he is 50 years old bald hair and short height......little fat. I used to call him bade papa...I dnt knw why mom used to like him..he also visited mom smtimes...later in the evening i took bath and went downstairs to have
snacks..he was having his drinks..we were chatting about family..

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Me & my Girlfriend are both Crossdressers - (Story of M2F and F2M Crossdressing)

It was three years ago. I became friendly with a girl. We wanted to go for a movie. She refused, saying someone at the theatre would see us and tell her parents. That is when I got an idea that I could dress up as a girl and go with her. First she laughed, but later on agreed with my plan. Still after some time, she started having fresh doubts about my plan. She said people may still recognise her and want to know who the girl with her was. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Naughty Opportunity I couldn't resist - True story (With real pictures & videos)

This story is sent to me by my friend Playera who lives in the USA. This is not an Indian story but it is a true one. This story has lots of true pics and two videos which Playera made. So read the story below.
Ive been waiting for an opportunity like right now for a few weeks since I started sleeping with Conner and luckily for me she has taken her daughters to her parents tonight for a birthday party and they wont be back untill after midnight.

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